About The Business Building Society

The Business Building Society is an idea whose time has come.

The Society developed thanks to the vision and work of Simon Hedley with the support of Psi Pi Group , The Simple Idea and the other partners in Strategic Alchemy

The society was launched privately  at the Psi Pi Group launch party on the 2nd February 2002 – “The Launch Party”, and was made more widely available as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week in 2013.

About Our Founder

Simon Hedley FCA has been mentoring entrepreneurs and helping build businesses since an early age and saw common challenges and themes.

“Through collaborations with many of the top experts and researchers in education, training and development a new approach was developed to help would be entrepreneurs build their businesses that I am proud to be able to provide access to through the Business Building Society which I know makes the probability of success for a new business venture much higher.”