Opportunities there if you can find them

We hope you enjoy this video… which points to what’s coming in just a few weeks

We’ll be sharing how our members can leverage this and other opportunities at the next live events on 11/11


10th October 2014 or 10/10 looks set to be an exciting day for members of the Business Building Society and especially those attending some of the many live events happening across the world.

One of the most public events which is of interest to many is the Dreamforce event being run by SalesForce. You can register for a free event pass here http://www.salesforce.com/dreamforce/DF14/


Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014

We are excited and happy to announce that this year’s 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Week looks set to be the biggest and best yet.

The dates for this year are 17 November 2014 to 23 November 2014 inclusive, and there will be events happening for free, for a fee, some for members only and some open to the public, throughout this week.

It’s a great opportunity for new members to build on the works and learning they’ve done so far, and also to leverage the big momentum building for Entrepreneurship and sustainable business.

We will be making more and more public the events to the existing members and potential members who register for updates by email and text. So make sure you’ve registered using the FreshForm on the home page or in the sidebar.

To celebrate anyone donating £1000 or more to http://FreedomInternationalNOW.com/ will be invited to a private invitation and application only mastermind in Royal Tunbridge Wells to spend time with a self-made multi-millionaire, along with award winning entrepreneurs, authors. You’ll have an exquisite lunch and even be able to enjoy the private pool should you wish.

There will be live conference calls in partnership with Wisdom World Wide and other groups supporting Global Entrepreneurship Week which will help you at whatever stage of your business and venture development, including access to global communities.



Business Building Society | Business Blueprint

Business Building Society | Business Blueprints

Business Building Society | Business Blueprint

Across central London at over 100 prime private venues ranging from offices to private member clubs, and elite hotels the Business Building Society is providing live training and mentorship helping entrepreneurs, startups and those with existing businesses the opportunity to develop their business plans and more importantly the blueprints to build their business successfully and sustainably.

You’ll be able to get one-on-one help from a dedicated business mentor who provides advice and encouragement on a wide range of areas including: writing a good business plan; sourcing finance and managing cashflow; meeting your legal obligations; taxation and VAT; marketing; and finding the right banking solutions.

We work holistically and this is an ideal way to start the right way – after all you wouldn’t build a house or office without a blueprint.(in fact the government wouldn’t let you.. you have to blueprints to pass the planning stage). Let us help you save the time, frustration and pain of building a business that is doomed to fail.

Seminars are taking place throughout central London, and also internationally from USA to Australia, Africa to China. You can participate live or by phone or web. We aim to empower you to build your business, and go from inspiration to realisation.

So, if you have a business idea you want to take to the next level, want support to complete your business or marketing plans or you are ready to start and want to make sure you’ve got everything you need, then these events are for you.

These events are part of a bigger program called www.TheEntrepreneursRevolution.com and www.TheDecadeThatMadeTheDifference.com

You’ll also learn how you can get life long learning and support for free, for a fee and as a VIP.

Business Blueprints are delivered in partnership with our strategic partners and billionaire backers.

Special and notable thanks to Simon Hedley, Psi Pi Group, and the partners at Strategic Alchemy.
Also to the mentors from www.ManifestignMillionaires.com and the team at www.BusinessImageAssociates.com and Integrity Technologies.

With donations and support from www.UnitedEmpireClub.com

Supporting www.NOWworldPEACE.com

Global Entrepreneurship Week

Global Entrepreneurship Week




We and our partners have won high impact awards every year since launch.

We recommend you review the website http://www.gew.org.uk/ deeply.

Global Entrepreneurship Week UK is hosted by Youth Business International (YBI) which works with a variety of small businesses to deliver the week.

Youth Business International provides support for under-served, aspiring young entrepreneurs. Our network of independent organisations combines global expertise with local experience to turn job-seekers into job-creators. Our members, present in 43 countries, provide young entrepreneurs (18 – 35 years old) with technical training, access to finance and mentoring. In 2012 our members helped 11,884 young people start businesses. These entrepreneurs will go on to create nearly 40,000 additional jobs over 3 years