Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014

We are excited and happy to announce that this year’s 2014 Global Entrepreneurship Week looks set to be the biggest and best yet.

The dates for this year are 17 November 2014 to 23 November 2014 inclusive, and there will be events happening for free, for a fee, some for members only and some open to the public, throughout this week.

It’s a great opportunity for new members to build on the works and learning they’ve done so far, and also to leverage the big momentum building for Entrepreneurship and sustainable business.

We will be making more and more public the events to the existing members and potential members who register for updates by email and text. So make sure you’ve registered using the FreshForm on the home page or in the sidebar.

To celebrate anyone donating £1000 or more to will be invited to a private invitation and application only mastermind in Royal Tunbridge Wells to spend time with a self-made multi-millionaire, along with award winning entrepreneurs, authors. You’ll have an exquisite lunch and even be able to enjoy the private pool should you wish.

There will be live conference calls in partnership with Wisdom World Wide and other groups supporting Global Entrepreneurship Week which will help you at whatever stage of your business and venture development, including access to global communities.



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